aixstent Cardia Umbrella

Oesophageal strictures close to the cardia require a specific stent design. The cardia umbrella stents have a umbrella designed distal end which significantly reduces irritations at the great curve of the stomach and prevent an in- or overgrow of tumor into the stent.

Practical application

All cardia umbrella stents are preloaded on the new reload introducer system. For correction of the stent position the stent can be reloaded into the introducer system during the procedure. The excellent radiopacity tantalum markers makes the stents clearly visible in the x-ray picture.

Specifications aixstent Cardia Umbrella 

  • Proximal partially or complete silicone covering
  • Radiopaque tantalum markers
  • Distal end umbrella design
  • Atraumatic ends
  • High tensile extraction threads on both ends
  • Memory effect of nitinol material – high radial force
  • Reload introducer
    • Length 700 mm, OTW
    • Ø 8 mm / 24 French
    • Accepts guide wire 0.035 inch